Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a...

...BOY! Here's our sweet baby boy, who doesn't have a name just yet. He seemed to be sleeping or moving around very little, even though I'd given him a rush of caffeine before the ultrasound! I wonder if he'll be as wild as John?

Here's proof that he's a boy. (Oh no, she di'in't!--Oh yes, I did). This is just the start of all the embarrassment he'll suffer at the hands of his parents. Anyways, I didn't want anyone asking if we were sure. You just judge for yourself; I don't know how anyone could mistake that :) And if you're not good at "reading" ultrasounds, the tech was nice enough to include an arrow for you.

We'll keep you posted on the name. I had to wait until this morning to blog because all afternoon and evening were spent poring over the names in a baby name site. I went through every one, and I made a list for Rob to go back over. There's 35 names, and hopefully Rob will like 2 of them, so we can have a first name and middle name. I'm not promising anything, because he's extremely picky!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on John's school and my new job

Apparently all went well in the adjustment area. John did have a potty accident, but they think he just got caught up in the kitchen area. That's my cook! Sometimes when the timer goes off, you gotta get everything out of the oven before you can take a potty break :) His teachers weren't too worried about it. He seemed happy to see me--and I was SO happy to see him. To top off the good part of this day, John actually fell asleep without my laying down with him. Tricia (the baby I'm keeping) was fussing, and so I had to tend to her and not lay down with John. When I came back to check on him, he was out. Yay! I'm feeling as pumped as an exhausted preggo can feel ;)

So, now onto the update about my job... My long-time friend Katy had a precious baby girl on May 6. When she went back to work, she asked me to keep her. Meet Patricia Eloise Holley:

This job (if you can call it that), is going to be quite humorous as I grow, because there is no way Tricia could be mine--she's 14 weeks old, and I'm over 17 weeks pregnant. John has really gotten attached to Tricia--he's called her his girlfriend and said "I love you, Tricia!" on many occasions. (Sorry about that Rusty--no need to point a shotgun at my little boy.) Check out the love going on here:

Yeah, it looks a little one-sided in this picture. But I promise, she lights up when John talks to her and plays with her. Here's just a pic of what she does in the gym (which is how I'm blogging to you as we speak).

First Day of School

Summer break is already over, and I thought I was more than ready for John to go back to school--he's been really hyper and wild lately--but, this morning I find myself only now recovering from a complete breakdown. I was fine on the way to school. Fine when I dropped him off at carpool (although this is what the breakdown results from). I was fine when I had to go in to get a carpool sign that I did not receive at orientation. And I was fine when I walked back out to the car. It probably didn't help that Dr. Steve said, "No tears here--that's good!" as I walked out to the parking lot.

And then I fell to pieces. I didn't get to say goodbye--they had instructions when I dropped him off at carpool, and I had some questions about those instructions. I didn't even get to see him walk off, to make sure he was ok. All I remember was John's confused face when they opened the door. Oh how I wish I had gone inside to drop him off! But I thought I was making it easier on both of us. Apparently not (at least on my end).

So, now I am home, and sad. I look at his Bebe (his lovey) and worry that he doesn't have it and might need it. I'm worried because he told me he had a tummy ache this morning, and I attributed it to all the black beans and blueberries he's been eating lately. I gave him gas drops and went on without thinking. Now, I think, oh my goodness, he was nervous! And I didn't kiss him and make him better!

Alright, someone put me out of my misery. Tell me it's just pregnancy hormones, knock me out, and wake me up when you have a feast ready for me to eat :) Oh, and some chocolate, please.

To make me feel better, here is John with his teachers, Mrs. Kerri and Mrs. Linda. This was at orientation Monday night (where I took a pic so that I could do carpool this morning, and make a clean break--which didn't turn out so clean after all).

See how happy he looks? He didn't want to leave. When Rob and I came back to get him after our meeting, he instructed me to leave. "I at school, you s'posed to go home. Come back later." Surely he adjusted quickly this morning and went to his room happy.

Here he is on our front stoop this morning.

He seems a head taller this year, and a lot more grown up. Check out last year's photo:

I'm going to make it--I promise. I just can't believe how time flies!