Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Third time's the charm

I've had trouble blogging. Ever since Reid was born, really, but it's gotten even harder lately. Two is definitely double the work of one--no matter what anybody says. And this house... it needs work anyway, but an organizational overhaul could really come in handy. Should I turn myself in to one of those shows on HGTV? I mean, I have an excuse--we moved 2 weeks before Reid came, and everyone knows how hard it is to do stuff when you have a newborn. But, even since Reid has been on a better schedule, it's been slow.

Now on top of everything else, we have received a crazy surprise from God. Here's the big reveal:

TA-DA!!! Baby #3 is 10 weeks along, and the doctor seemed confident today, so I am sharing with all of you. Still be in prayer, because I've had issues in the past. But this baby has already made it through a placental-bleed, and that is all-healed, so I have high hopes! Reid and #3 will be 16 months apart--so if I thought it was busy before, it will be crazy-busy by June! Doc guesses my due-date to be June 2-4, but I'm rooting for a May baby.