Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Day

Today was a big day--two big milestones occurred.

Reid started school.  He met his teachers yesterday.

Mrs. Chasa, a.k.a. Potty Queen

Mrs. Stacey 

Reid was terrified yesterday, and he wouldn't leave my side for the first 10 minutes.  Isla, on the other hand, got down and started running around the room to play.  At one point, when Reid was playing well, I walked to the counter to fill out some forms.  Reid lost sight of me, with all the parents milling about, and started sobbing.  Mrs. Stacey had to bring him to me--it was so sad!

Look how somber Reid was, and how happy Isla was:

Reid settled in after about a half hour, so we stayed a bit longer.  I was hoping the good feelings about his room and teachers would stick out in his mind. Here's the First Day Porch picture--he seems ready to go!

Reid was extremely hesitant to go into his class, but I pushed him in after 5 minutes of standing in the doorway.  He settled in before I signed him in and left.  Whew!

Extra tidbit: I put Reid in a pullup this morning and packed more in his bag.  Mrs. Chasa, the Potty Queen, plans to work on him!  He does well sometimes, and other times can't go.  But, he has only once told me he needed to go. All my eggs are in Mrs. Chasa's basket!

The other big milestone... John got his 3rd karate belt!  He is now a green belt.  They presented it tonight, along with a trophy for best test!  Out of his whole class, he was the only one presented with a trophy.  He was so excited!  (He's had his eye on that trophy for 3 tests now.)

So she's not left out, here are some tidbits about Sissy.  First, note the shoes in the pic below.  I went to a boutique just down the road because I heard they were having a shoe sale.  When I found the bin of green and pink Puddlejumpers, Isla squealed like a Pterdactyl (that's our term for her loudest, most piercing squeal).  She continued until I found a left and a right in her size.  Ever since, she has worn these shoes with her pajamas, with just a diaper, and with every outfit.  She can put them on herself (along with Reid's socks, Reid's shoes, John's shoes, my shoes, Reid's shorts, and her tank top).  I guess dressing oneself so young is a girl-thing? Check out her strut:

On another note, we may be potty-training Isla soon also.  Anytime she has only a diaper (no pants) on, when she has to go to the bathroom, she takes her dry diaper off and squats next to it on the floor.  I've cleaned up so much #1 and #2 lately!  You might say, well just keep pants on her!  The only time we don't is when she has wet through or soiled her pants, and we are busy--running down to the bus in the morning, or cooking, or bathing someone else.  Then, before we know it... Clean up on Aisle 4!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School!

It's that time again.  We bought new shoes, picked out an empowering (and handsome) outfit, and mean-Mama came back out to enforce an energizing sleep-plan, and a strict schedule to boot.  Summer's over!!!

John met his teacher last Tuesday night.  She seems to be a well-balanced lady.  She's organized, she's got experience, she has laid out her expectations, and she comes with a hefty dose of love and understanding.  Meet Mrs. Grogan:

At 6:30 this morning, I was afaid that this was going to be a VERY bad day.

But John perked up quickly, and the only problem this morning was... socks.  I knew we would have at least one issue, and John took out all his anxiety on his socks.  Three pair later, and after we made it very clear he would regret it if he missed the school bus, he decided to make today a good day.  Maybe the prayer before he went out the door helped? 

For the sake of comparison...

This year

Last year 

This year seemed better than last. Maybe because John knew what to expect. And maybe because John was used to the long day.
This year right off the bus

 Last year

 Here's to a happy school year!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday John!

Six years ago today, I was sitting in a room in Williamson County Medical Center, waiting for contractions to pick up and praying my labor wouldn't end in a C-section.  But things went quickly in the afternoon--I jumped from 5-9 within 30 minutes, and after they quickly prepped the room and 3 pushes later, John was here.

In this pic, we were about to leave the hospital.  You can see John's little legs.  At birth, he weighed in at 5 lb. 15 oz.  That's not a lot of weight to spread over a 21" frame.  And as you will see in later pics, not much has changed!

John loved to be snuggled!  He loved being wrapped up then, and he still does now.

1 year:

2 years:

One of my favorite pics at 2 years old:

Rob's favorite pic at almost 2 years:

3 years:

4 years:

5 years:

6 years:

Happy Birthday, Bubba!  Every day is an adventure!  I love you beyond words!!