Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Isla!

The last time I posted was Reid's first birthday.  I've never really had a big kick in the rear to blog again, but I feel like I need to do something for Isla's first birthday.  Who knows, maybe this will be a new beginning?

We had a party yesterday, and there was only a tad-bit of drama.  Baby girl pitched a fit over coming downstairs to open presents.  She also demanded a wardrobe change, but I was happy to oblige because the first outfit was ruffly and likely scratchy.

Here is a video I put together.

I never put one together for the boys--because I could never have done this by myself and I didn't know about Animoto at the time.  Maybe I will get around to that for their birthdays this year!

Things I want to remember about Isla:
-She is extremely busy.  She pulls things out of the cabinets by reaching her tiny arms in the crack that the child-roof lock leaves.
-If you don't shut the bathroom door she is likely to crawl into the toilet.  (Rob found her perched in the toilet, drenched to her waist, and she had a poopy diaper!  Early potty training, maybe?)
-She seems to like clothes--she shakes with excitement when you enter a clothing store and she dances when she gets to pick out her clothes.
-She loves her brothers.  John really has a heart for her, and because he dotes on her, she seems to have a special smile just for him.
-She is much more interested in physical fetes rather than communicating.  She climbs everything (ahem, the aforementioned toilet), comes down the stairs by holding on to the spindles, and she is working on running right now.  She rarely says any words, but occasionally uses Tata (thank you), Mama, Dada, and Bubba (John).
-She can be quite dramatic.  She knows what she wants, and she will pitch a full-on fit to get it--including a backbend, headbanging, and screaming.  When I pick her up from the church nursery I often here comments like, "She's something else!" or "I witnessed an Isla fit today!"  But everyone must really love her, because they fight over which room gets to keep her.
-She loves to aggravate.  She will take Reid's blanket and special toys, just to hear him scream!

More party pics:
Isla's cake.  I wanted 3 tiers with a pile of roses on top and my Mema pulled it off. I made the icing, and put the dots on, but I was afraid to attempt anything else!

Isla didn't smash any of her cake.  What you see in the pic is where her Daddy pushed her hand into the cake, because she wouldn't do anything on her own.  And then she started crying, so smash time was over. 

 All recovered with clean hands.

 Party-goers hanging out at the table.

Isla seemed to like opening presents.  Notice, we had to strap her in the chair to keep her in one place to open the presents!

 She really liked her cards.  Looks like she may enjoy reading!

And here she is trying to figure out how to produce some serious driveway art.  She didn't even try to eat the chalk!  Very different from the boys...

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby Isla!