Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing Elephant

Missing Elephant. Approx. 3 in. x 6 in. Missing since 3 p.m. 6/30/09. Last seen tangled in the strings of Goofy's parachute. Note the tusks and happy smile. The lost one is scratched and missing a good bit of paint. Let's just say he has been well-loved. Call if found. (You may also call if a Target near you has one in stock. I can always throw it around to scrape off the appropriate amount of paint.)

Monday, June 29, 2009

What we've been up to

My mom has been taking vacation days here and there, so she doesn't lose them at the end of the year, so we've been doing a lot lately:

We went to Noccalula Falls. At the petting zoo, this is the only picture I have where John actually held something for the goats to eat. He was scared they would take his fingers too, and I can understand because they were especially eager!

A girl working at the PZ held a bunny for John to pet. He loved it! Kept saying over and over, "So soft!"

Fat Man's Squeeze. Clearly, John is nowhere near fat. I just thought it looked funny that he had so much space on either side of him :)

This pic is on the way to the Falls, before we walked down a gazillion steps. John handled the steps and rocks much better than I did. Of course, I was dizzy by this point, so that shouldn't be a surprise. But I really do think he has a lot better balance and a ton more energy than I do.

And here we are under the falls. Sorry the picture is dark, but I couldn't lighten it and keep it looking natural.

We all went out to eat at Outback for my grandmother's 75th birthday. Woohoo! 3/4 of a century, Mema, and you still got it :)

Kacky has been house-sitting, and the house is near a great lake/pond that is full of ducks, turtles, and fish. John especially liked to feed the baby ducks--one Mommy had 20 babies. (I didn't know ducks laid so many eggs! Maybe they have a Duck-Nanny-program?)

This is a random pic of everything that lives in that tiny lake. Crazy that so much could survive in a small bit of water!

Finally, John has been learning to swim. We've had him in a life-jacket, until this past weekend. We put swimmies on him for the first time this year, and it was amazing how quickly John adjusted!

These are the kind of faces he makes when he jumps in the pool. It's hilarious! Hard not to laugh, no matter how bad you feel :)

Please ignore my very southern comments, but I thought John was so big that I couldn't NOT post this. This is just proof that I don't have an issue with pride, and I am fully ready for your ridicule.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is our life

Where we stand right now:

1. I am 10 weeks pregnant and baby is still sticking with me! I just about beat an Ultrasound tech yesterday because she didn't measure baby or the heartbeats (which was unusual), but at least baby was kicking. I previously had a bleed in my uterus that appears to be gone now, so that's even better news. And the best (or worst) news is that I am sick as a dog. Anyone else ever been happy while hugging the toilet? I am, because it means baby is ok!

2. John is mostly potty-trained! We've been at it for months now, but accidents are finally down to a few a week. The whole time, I put him in underwear, but he just didn't care that he went all over himself and the floor. He just took off his pants (to get more comfortable), pointed out the mess to me, and continued to play. He didn't like it when I made him clean the mess, but he was always happy by the time I let him mop--so, that didn't help matters. And he has always screamed when we tried to put him on the toilet to "try." He still does that, but at least he usually points out when he has to go. Right when he started progressing at training, he began saying, "I do it by myself! You go 'way!!" So, maybe modesty was the issue all along! John has even put #2 in the potty! Maybe this is TMI, but we've given him poo-poo presents--a Lightning watch and the original Ice Age movie. But, I think what he likes most of all is when we say, "I'm so proud of you!" Whew! This is such a relief :) He can now start 3K in the fall without a problem.

3. We have a house in TN that needs to sell. We cannot move back because Rob's job is in Alabama and he would be gone Sunday night-Friday every week and living with his parents if we still lived in that house. So, keep praying for a miracle, people!

4. Rob is working like crazy--all day and night--in an attempt to get customers to buy in this terrible economy. Our consolation is that no one else is hitting their numbers. But we sure are longing for those better days where he didn't have to work as much and got paid more. Still, we thank the Lord for this job!!!

5. John is as crazy as always. He ate field peas for breakfast--and that was only because we didn't have black beans. He apparently has no clue that cereal or fruit and yogurt is a more typical breakfast choice. I apparently am used to having an atypical kid, so I didn't ask questions. He does crazy things like this everyday, and I never remember them. So, I will probably start posting random things that John says or does! Speaking of the devil, he is climbing on my back right now, leaning around to kiss my cheek, and he happens to be totally naked. So, I gotta go find his clothes!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After another loss last fall, and trying ever since, we finally have good news! Baby is 8 weeks and has a high heart rate at 179!

I am supposed to go to the doc every 2 weeks until I am out of the "danger zone," and we will wait to tell John until I am 14 weeks, when we will feel more secure. Doc feels we are doing everything we possibly can to keep this one--including baby aspirins and progesterone supplements. Hopefully it will work! Please be praying with us for a healthy baby and good pregnancy. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers!!