Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's behind Door #3?

Turns out that we find out the sex of baby #3 this Monday morning. It was a last-minute appointment, because I really didn't want to go in 2 days shy of 18 weeks, and then go back 2 weeks later. It's hard to find a sitter AND a time that Rob doesn't have a meeting, so we went with first-thing after the holiday.

SO-oooo.... here's where I ask all of you what you think this next baby is? I thought about doing a game, like my friend Allison. But, it's late notice on my part, and I really only care who's right about the sex of the baby.

Who thinks I will forever be the only girl in my fam, doomed to go crazy from the wildness?

Who thinks Rob will have to learn to be tender, and I will go insane trying to accessorize a little princess when I can't accessorize myself?

Here's some helpful hints:
-I've had food aversions to everything I usually eat (which is similar to my pregnancy with John)
-I was sick until 15 weeks (worse than with John, but still similar)
-my feet are freezing (which "they" say means boy)
-My ideal meal is: brownies for appetizer, lemon pie for entree, and black-tie-mousse-cake for dessert. If it gets too sweet, I'll clear my palate with some milk between entree and dessert :)
-my belly is nice and round like a basketball... boy???

Leave a comment and we'll see who's right in just a few days!