Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Lesson in Art Appreciation

I've never had a course in art appreciation. But even if I had, I don't think anything could have prepared me for appreciating my son's art. A lot of the stuff from school is really cute, but I can't help thinking that the teachers are actually doing most of it. John has gotten a lot better about coloring in the lines, though, and I definitely credit the teachers for that.

All that aside, I have attached a particular piece of art that I'm not so sure I can appreciate. See, here's the thing:
  1. I bought a "leaf decorating kit" as a craft for John's class Halloween party.
  2. There were a lot of leaves and the accompanying decorations left in the package.
  3. Rob has been home for 2 weeks on vacation.
  4. Rob does not "sit" at home very well.
  5. John has been home from school for 2 weeks.
  6. John does not "sit" at home very well.
  7. So, to occupy at least 5 minutes of every day, Rob has helped John decorate a leaf a day (each one different, of course).
Here is one leaf:

Does anyone see the resemblance? I do not, but then I've never been one to constantly gaze at myself in the mirror. Let me spell this out for you (not because I think you are dumb, but because I had to have it spelled out for myself):
  1. Yes, this is supposed to be me.
  2. Yes, Rob helped John stick the pieces where John wanted them (because John gets the sticky part stuck to himself and not the art).
  3. Rob was faithful in putting each particular piece where John said they belong.
  4. Yes, I take Rob's word for it when he says it was not his idea,
  5. because he knows me after 6.5 years of marriage,
  6. and he values his life.
  7. Did he laugh at the end result? And when John declared "Dat's Mama!"?
  8. Most definitely. Although, I am sure what I heard was a very suppressed version of the laughter in his mind.
How nice. Should I consider laser hair removal to thin out the bushy brows? Ouch! Are they that bad? On second thought, don't comment on that. Polite comments are welcome, of course.