Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science Lesson

Here's today's science lesson:

Kacky found a turtle while working in the yard today, so John got a live science lesson. Rest assured, I did not touch the slimy, germy little thing. He was really cute, though! Thank heavens for adults who were willing to touch the baby turtle, and for lots and lots of soap. (Did I mention I was thankful for lots of soap? I was, and still am.)

For the record, this was a night for science. On our way to see the turtle, we saw an owl on the power line, and a group of geese crossing the road--very slowly, and causing a traffic jam in the process.

I think I've had enough for one day... we've had to hide the turtle from what he must think is a really terrible child-giant who won't let him move more than 2 steps in any direction. Poor turtle! We'll put him back in the bushes tomorrow.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Singing praises

We are all singing His praises in the DeArman household. I'm singing a little more quietly, just for God, because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's ears. But we're all singing, because...

Rob got a job! Praise the Lord, He is so good! Three in-person interviews and one phone interview later, after 3 weeks of waiting, Rob got the good news. He will be working with Milwaukee Electric Tools, the entire state of Alabama and Florida panhandle as his territory. The job is so similar to what he had before, Rob even knows some of his customers already. Alas, I can't get rid of the Blackberry!

We have been holding tight to God's promises of provision, trusting in His timing, so things weren't as depressing as you'd imagine around here. But, the air is so much lighter, now. A man fulfilling his purpose in the Lord is a happy man indeed. I'm amazed at what God has done. Every other door was closed. Rob would send his resume places, based on job-postings, and suddenly they weren't hiring anymore. One specific position he was interested in, the company decided to hire for the lesser positions before filling the one Rob was qualified for. As each door closed (even temporarily), and the Milwaukee process dragged on, we started to wonder if anything would ever happen. But, it did! God's timing is perfect, as is His plan.